In short, a kilt is a piece of cloth attached in pleats around the waist. Kilt is apparel for men, but there are also female variations.
Most people will probably relate kilt with Scotland, and believe that it is only the Scots who can wear a kilt. Kilts have originated from the old Celtic folk that settled parts of mainland Europe, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Many have Scottish ancestry from French Normandy and Norway.
Today, kilts are worn worldwide, most kilted men have some kind of relation to Scotland, Ireland or Wales, but there are many who wear kilt without any other reason than the kilts comfort and flexibility.
Here at Kilt.no you can find historical info, kilts prevalence to day, what kinds of kilts are there, why use the kilt and not least, how to get a kilt. See the photo gallery for many great photos of the kilt casual and formal. There are also links to other kilted pages on the Web.
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Norway and Scotland have since the Vikings had strong ties. Many of the Scottish clans have Norwegian ancestry. several Norwegian bunader (folk costumes) use Scottish patterns (Tartans). It is therefore quite natural for Norwegian men to take up the tradition of wearing kilts.
Kilt.no is for all Norwegian men or any others living in Norway who wears kilt or wish to do so. Kilt.no will promote kilts and want to create a tradition for kilts in Norway. What about a Norwegian bunad kilt. That would be something for 17.mai (the national day of Norway) wouldnt it?